December 16-20 2016 PAC/COSOC-GL training workshop on monitoring and reporting on due diligence

The Building Responsible Mineral Supply Chains Initiative, implemented by Partnership Africa Canada (PAC)  and funded by the Government of Canada, is supporting COSOC-GL  and its members to improve the governance of supply chains for conflict-prone and high-value minerals and to promote legal trading routes in the Great Lakes Region. Technical support is being provided by increasing the capacity of civil society to promote, monitor and report on responsible mineral supply chains in the Great Lakes Region at regional, national and local levels. Civil society in-region is deeply committed to promoting a responsible natural resource sector, but technical assistance is still required in order for better understanding of downstream requirements and needs.  In particular, reporting tends to be minimal or ad hoc in nature.


Civil society members at the training sessions

In keeping with the OECD Due Diligence (DD) Guidance, the private sector must assess risk in its supply chain, respond to any identified risks and report on the risk and corresponding action. However, little information is accessible about the integrity of supply chains in the Great Lakes Region.

Technical support to civil-society in-region will focus on monitoring but also reporting on supply chain due diligence using a template that is developed jointly with civil society and downstream industry and aligned with the OECD/ICGLR.  It can serve as a tool that is useful for the private sector as well when carrying out its due diligence responsibilities.  An enhanced capacity to monitor and report in accordance with international standards will also serve the purpose of enhancing the credibility and profile of in-region civil society organizations.

This training is the first part of the technical support for due diligence monitoring and reporting. The objectives of the workshop are to provide:


One of the monitoring teams during the exercises at Mubende Gold mining site

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your engagement is still welcomed. you are among the ones who founded it

Prudence B.on06.02.17wrote:

Thanks for PAC for its important support to COSOC-GL. I hope all members will take advantage of such opportunities and will more effectively engage in substantial activities to achieve the objectives of the Coalition.

I wish I could one day engage myself, technically or scientifically in the fulfillment of the missions and objectives for which I contributed to the formulation.

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