5th COSOC-GL General Assembly

The 5th COSOC-GL general assembly has been held on September 1-3 in Bukavu at Bulungu Hotel. This important meeting has been attended by delegates from the 4 national chapters and Partnership Africa Canada, Partner of COSOC-GL was represented at those sessions by Mr. Jean Paul Lonema and Madam Lynn Gitu respectively form Bunia and Kampala.

The 5th COSOC-GL Ordinary General Assembly agenda included the presentation and adoption of the Executive Secretariat reports covering September 1 2016 to August 31 2017, the national platforms reports on activities conducted, challenges faced and prospects, the status of partnership between COSOC-GL and its partner including PAC, the German Cooperation (GIZ and BGR), ICGLR, Public-Private Alliance, BGR and various synergies including APEFA and Max Impact etc…

On the basis of the coalition’s constitution and rules of procedure, the General Assembly has made great decisions including to remove 7 Organizations that failed to comply with the above mentioned governing papers in order to update the membership list. Thus the following organizations were removed from the coalition membership list: Global Right Alert, African Centre for Energy Governance, National Association of Professional Environmentalists, Ecological Christian Organization, Action Coalition on Climate Change, Mbarara Development Agency and Rwanda Initiative for Sustainable Development.

Initially elected Focal Points in their respective countries, the bellowed cited persons have been appointed as members of the Steering Committee as follows:

Regarding the Audit Committee, the General Assembly has appointed the following persons as members:

The participants have followed the presentation by Jean Paul Lonema on the study that PAC is conducting actually on DRC’s ASM gold fraud and smuggling through its neighboring eastern countries. Inputs and recommendations were provided following the presentation.

Sessions were closed by posing for a group photo and sharing a meal to say good bye.


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Biringingwa Cyprienon14.09.17wrote:

Monsieur Kara, il se pourrait que le nom de Madame Lynn est mal écrit. Elle s’appelerait GITU et non DITU.

Merci de corriger si possible.

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