COSOC-GL has re-launched its awareness campaign on demilitarizing mining sites in South Kivu with the support from Private Public Alliance for responsible Minerals trade

Since 2014, COSOC-GL has been involved in raising awareness of  the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Armed Forces 33rd Military Region servicemen, FARDC, to withdraw from mining activities and for the demilitarization of mining sites in favor of a mineral certification process in the eastern DRC’s Kivus provinces.

COSOC-GL actions covers specifically the provinces of South Kivu and Maniema; Affecting the territories of Fizi, Mwenga and Shabunda with a ramification in Maniema Province from Shabunda. This pilot phase was made possible with the financial and technical support from the German Cooperation, GIZ under the Project support for the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) and the German Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources, BGR.

With the support from Public-Private Alliance for responsible minerals trade, PPA  for the Project ” Awareness campaign for the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Armed Forces’ 33rd Military Region’s servicemen, FARDC, to withdraw from mining activities and strengthening local civil society monitoring over ASM supply chains conformance  in South Kivu, the Democratic Republic of Congo “, COSOC-GL increased its deployment capacity in three (3) other new territories while keeping the previous geographical configuration, including Uvira, Walungu and Kalehe, covering 6 of the 8 territories in the province of South Kivu.

This new partnership with Public-Private Alliance provides COSOC-GL with opportunity to diversify its activities and to reach more partners at the grassroots level. From June 16-18, 2017, a technical workshop was held to train community journalists and entertainers on the 3TG Regional Minerals Certification Process (Tin, Tantale, Tungsten and Gold), the OECD Due Diligence issues and challenges in the South Kivu Minerals Supply Chain, and the possible roles of community media in raising awareness of local stakeholders, Including those likely involved in illegal mining  and illicit trade, such as fraud, smuggling, money laundering, revenue embezzlement, and serious human rights violations, including sexual and gender-based violence associated with artisanal mining. On the same opportunity, COSOC-GL officially launched its new initiative to demilitarize mining sites under this new partnership.

COSOC-GL Executive Secretary drawing attation of the workshop attendees

The official word for launching the campaign was addressed by the Representative of the Provincial Minister of Mines, Hydrocarbons and Environment, Mr. Bundibulya Eloi, Legal Adviser to the Provincial Minister of Mines and Technical Coordinator of the Provincial Committee for Monitoring Mining Activities in South Kivu, with the presence of Colonel Yogo, Head of the Mines Police in South Kivu.

The representatives of the Ministry and Police of mines on the lef of the COSOC-GL Secretary at the relaunching session

The purpose of this consultation with mass communication specialists was to make them understand the Regional Certification Mechanism for Mineral Substances, the OECD Due Diligence, Law Dodd Frank, the European Union Regulation on responsible minerals supply – thereafter, they will be helping technically COSOC-GL produce tools to support the awareness campaign via both Radio Television and on the ground through people’s expression forums, TEP.

Attandees family photo after of the workshop sessions


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