21-23 September 2018 COSOC -GL Workshop on legal standards/provisions for due diligence monitoring and reporting in ASM sites and the techniques for collecting mining sector data

On 21-23 September 2018, COSOC-GL has held a training workshop on international, regional and national legal regulations and standards which govern the mining sector in the member countries and the region in the context of due diligence and the techniques for collecting data. This workshop was the last one as part of a set of training workshops organized with the support of IMPACT (former Partnership Africa Canada) intending to strengthen civil society’s capacity in the monitoring and reporting of minerals supply chain due diligence in the African Great Lakes Region.

Following the previous monitoring and reporting trainings and visits on the field, some gaps have been noted in the knowledge of civil societies members trained when it came to specifying legal reference provisions relating to responsible minerals supply chains conformity. While section 7 of the due diligence reporting tool recommends that the Monitor / Civil Society Expert provides an executive summary of non-conformity elements (red or yellow) by providing a succinct description of facts observed on site, the relevant reference standards subject to breach and corrective actions to be taken in order to address the issues.

Thus, by organizing this workshop, COSOC-GL hopes to provide civil society actors with necessary knowledge and skills for carrying out their monitoring and reporting on specific legal provisions of standards enacted by international, national and regional legal reference instruments. Legal reference instruments include the OECD Guide, the ICGLR Regional Certification Manual, the ILO standards as well as the legal and regulatory texts of Burundi, Uganda, the DRC and Rwanda.

This event was also an opportunity for COSOC-GL to present the training certificates and to establish “the pool of national due diligence experts” including civil society members who have taken part in the whole set of training workshops and field visits.

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