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Burudan Consumers’ Association-Transparency International Burundi (ABUCO-TI Burundi)
ABUCO-TI Burundi work has 2 parts. On one hand, It conducts activities associated to promoting and defending consumers' rights and on the other hand, activities on promoting transparency and fight against corruption
Mouvement du Peuple pour l’Education des Droits Humains (MPEDH)
Education on human rights, legal assistance for vulnerable persons, strengthening citizen participation in local governance and fight against illegal exploitation of natural resources.
National Center for support to development and people participation (CENADEP/South Kivu )
Monitoring mining sites ; Coordination of civil society's activities; local civil society capacity building ; Participation in the budget monitoring committee.
Observatoire de Lutte Contre la Corruption et les Malversations Economiques (OLUCOME)
OLUCOME's overall goal is to fight corruption and economic and financial misappropriations in order to contribute to promoting good governance. OLUCOME intervention fields are reporting, budget monitoring, investigation and dispute management, training, information, sensitization, legal proceedings, partnership building and protection of environment.
Children’s Voice
Children’s Voice is championing and protecting child's rights in North Kivu and five Eastern Democracy Republic of Congo's province with as slogan "to protect the child at all costs". With respect to mining sector, the organization fights against child labor and favors back to school initiatives and campaigns for improving women working conditions at the mining sites and fights any violation towards woman.
Commission Episcopale Justice et Paix (CEJP)
- Contributes to effective reconciliation amongst burundian civil society components - Promotes human, moral and christian values so as to respect human rights - Contributes to strenghen population participation in public life to promote a real democratic culture
Justice Pour Tous (JPT)
JPT is accompanying South Kivu's and DRC's local communities in general in the process of restoring social cultural rights and of protecting sustainably environmental and natural ecosystems. Its vision is to guarantee equitable and permanent access to services and resources useful for all local community's sustainable development.
Max Impact
Max Impact's work focuses on Study & research, Cooperativism capacity building in the mining sector, Monitoring of mining tax, Human rights violations reporting and Bugdet analysis and advocacy as regards mining sector
Pro-Biodiversity Conservationist in Uganda(PROBICOU)
The goal of the organization is environmental preservation and protection, biodiversity conservation and implementation of sustainable development principles.
Research on women involvment in ASM in Central and Eastern Africa: self-reliance challenges and possibilities
Rwandan Extractive industry Workers Union (REWU)
 Uphold the dignity of the labour and preserve, strengthen and protect extractive workers rights,  Educate, organize and negotiate collective agreements,  Enhance workers’ productivity,  Promote the physical, psychological, spiritual, moral, cultural, political and economic well-being of extractive workers,  Build alliance, forge partnerships and work concertedly with Government, Private sector, Civil Society organizations and social partners at national, regional and international level,  Participate effectively in the formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies, laws and programs for good governance and national building regarding workers and their families.
Solidarité Paysanne (SP)
SP supports farmer's and artisan's efforts through local development structures in order to improve their social-economic conditions; trains the heads of those structures on various management and organizational technics; promotes experience sharing amongst associations and promotes cooperation spirit via sharing information.

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