COSOC/GL components are:

  1. The Plenary Assembly
  2. The Steering Committee
  3. The Oversight committee
  4. The National Platforms
  5. The Executive Secretariat

Organizational chart


The Plenary Assembly

It is the supreme organ and includes all member organization represented by their National Focal Points. The decision of the Plenary Assembly is taken under the rule of simple majority. In the event of equality of votes, the country chairing the coalition is dominating. The Plenary Assembly missions are to:

The Steering Committee

The Steering Committee includes four national focal points. Its structure is made up by:

As the coalition’s advisory board, the Steering Committee is tasked with:

The term of COSOC-GL Steering Committee members lasts one year and is renewable once. The Steering Committee sits by three quarter majority and decides by simple majority. In the event of equality of votes, the vote of the country that chairs is preponderant.

The Oversight committee

The Oversight Committee is the component that carries out the monitoring and  the control of the coalition’s administrative, financial and assets management.

The National Platforms

Each National platform elects a facilitator, the National Focal Point. His/her mandate lasts one year and is renewable once.

His/her missions are:

The national platforms meet at least once on quarterly basis or whenever required. A report of activities and recommendations is addressed to the steering committee

The Executive Secretariat

The Permanent Executive Secretariat is a technical tool of the Steering Committee. His/her members attend the meetings of the Steering Committee without voting right. In this respect, his/her mission within the coalition are:

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