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Regional civil society involvement in the monitoring, surveillance, qualification and validation of mining sites is one of major goals COSOC-GL intends to reach. A mining site may be qualified as green, yellow or red on the basis of compliance or non-compliance with international and national requirements. The validation and qualification of mine sites are based upon the following 5 key aspects:

  1. Conflict
  2. Working conditions
  3. Environment
  4. Transparency
  5. Community development

COSOC-GL has re-launched its awareness campaign on demilitarizing mining sites in South Kivu with the support from Private Public Alliance for responsible Minerals trade
Since 2014, COSOC-GL has been involved in raising awareness of  the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Armed Forces 33rd Military Region servicemen, FARDC, to withdraw from ..more info »
PAC/COSOC joint response to the US Department’s request for comments on responsible mineral sourcing
Read the joint response Content abstract: This joint letter is a response from Partnership Africa Canada (PAC) and the Coalition of Civil Society Organizations in ..more info »
PAC: Poste à pouvoir en “Renforcement de capacités et genre” à Mambasa (Ituri)
PARTENARIAT AFRIQUE CANADA                                                                    Télécharger l'offre d'emploi en pdf SPÉCIALISTE EN GENRE ET RENFORCEMENT DES CAPACITÉS (PROJET AFECCOR) Fonction :                                                                      Spécialiste en genre et renforcement ..more info »
December 16-20 2016 PAC/COSOC-GL training workshop on monitoring and reporting on due diligence
The Building Responsible Mineral Supply Chains Initiative, implemented by Partnership Africa Canada (PAC)  and funded by the Government of Canada, is supporting COSOC-GL  and its ..more info »
Request for rejection of the report on the South Kivu’s budget implementation for the 1rst semester 2016
Max Impact invites to request the provincial MPs to reject the report on the South Kivu’s budget implementation for the first semester 2016 ..more info »
Report on the training for Civil Society Leaders in Uganda
The goal of the training was to enable Civil society leaders to actively engage in the implementation of ICGLR Regional Initiative against the Illegal Exploitation ..more info »

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