Action Coalition for Climate Change (ACCC)

Website http://accc-uganda.webs.com
Activities- Advocacy on mineral certification - Advocacy on formalization of small scale miners - Advocacy on eliminating mercury use in gold amalgamation in Mubende and Buhweju - Initiated process of forming and strengthening networks/associations for small scale miners - Conduct awareness raising on rudimentary/bad practices in small scale mining to the environment and human health - In the process of collecting data on the sources, types, destinations of mercury use in gold mining in Uganda - Analyzing the economics of minerals in Uganda. - Conducting advocacy for sustainable utilization and extraction of oil and gas
Projects1. Climate Change Mitigation & Adaptation 2. Strategic Mining Governance 3. Agriculture & Gender 4. Energy & Water Solutions
Role in COSOC-GLEffective member
Contactnimpamyaenock335@gmail.com, +256-755744423, accc_009@yahoo.com

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