Rwandan Extractive industry Workers Union (REWU)

Activities Uphold the dignity of the labour and preserve, strengthen and protect extractive workers rights,  Educate, organize and negotiate collective agreements,  Enhance workers’ productivity,  Promote the physical, psychological, spiritual, moral, cultural, political and economic well-being of extractive workers,  Build alliance, forge partnerships and work concertedly with Government, Private sector, Civil Society organizations and social partners at national, regional and international level,  Participate effectively in the formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies, laws and programs for good governance and national building regarding workers and their families.
Projects• Rights protection in favor of mines and quarries workers, • Prevention of child labor in mining and queries sector; • Laws based awareness in favor of mines and quarries owners and their workers, • Capacity building in a favor of employees and mines and queries for developing this career, and Social economic welfare for employees, • Linking the workers as well as the employers in need of materials and the industries concerned • Training on Occupational safety and health principles
Role in COSOC-GLMember organization
ContactP.O Box 2354 Kigali – Rwanda Tel. +250788461058 / +250788307153 Email: mutsindashyaka@yahoo.fr Mutsindashyakaandre1@gmail.com

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